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Using the FORUMS: Part 1 – REGISTRATION.   Follow the instructions in the screendumps below. They are thumbnails, click on them to enlarge. Make a note of your password when it arrives! (Long and complicated: sorry, can’t do anything about that!).

Stage 1                              Stage 2                       Stage 3                              Stage 4

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Using the FORUMS: Part 2 – UPLOADING POSTS.  In the HOME PAGE, click on FORUMS LOGON, enter your username and password. You may need to wait a few moments before the screen shown in Stage 1 (below) appears. Now follow the instructions shown in the screendumps below. Again, click to enlarge.

Stage 1                              Stage 2                           Stage 3

Logged in 01 with textLogged in 02 with textLogged in 03 with text

To finish and upload your post, ignore Topic Tags. Just click on Submit (at the bottom of the page) and all is done, but don’t forget to log out. Click on the “Howdy <your user name>” at the right hand side of the WordPress title bar at the top of the page. Click on the Logout option.

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